For fast analysis of plastic flakes, granules, pellets and crushed materials

With this fully automatic NIR-unit it is possible to identify up to 200 g non-carbonblack colored plastic parts directly as flakes, pellets, granulates or crushed material in an easy sampling way, being able to determine the quality, purity and the composition of the material very fast almost in ppm levels within ~15 min!

sIRoPAD from IoSys Seidel

sIRoPAD – the ideal low-cost solution

The sIRoPAD system is the ideal low-cost solution for the quick check for impurities/contamination of PET flakes, PO-mixtures or for the detection of any other composition of thermo-plastic mixtures.

sIRoPad detecting PET Particles
Operational Area:
Plastics from household, packing and electric/electronics sections
Purity control of granulates, foils, pellets, flakes & grinded materials
Replacement of the PET-roasting test in an oven
Adjustable scanning area, plastic sizes smaller than 1 mm detectable
Scanning steps of 1-10 mm
Analysis and documentation
Pointing out the contamination
Technical Data:
Power Supply: 100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
815 x 595 x 260 mm (height without NIR-camera)
815 x 595 x 384 mm (height with NIR-camera)
Weight: 14 kg
PET colored
sIRoPAD with PET from IoSys Seidel

Scanning parameters can be individually set

The sizes of the measuring area (templates) and the scanning parameters can be individually set depending on the material. Either as a single scan or as an automated batch with several scans with an individual area setting and parameters. Results can be saved manually or automatically.

sIRoPAD scans the equally distributed samples on the ceramic reflection plate (max. area 50×33 cm) in an X/Y-pass way, measures and saves the analysis results with all information via USB-connection. The ICM-evaluation-software can be installed at any Windows-OS based computer. The software allows detailed spectra viewing, loading, saving and editing. This possibility helps to develop own analysis applications.

sIRoPAD PP-PE Analysenergebnis

The analysis can be displayed graphically

The analysis can be displayed graphically on the sIRoPAD-touchscreen and external PC-display. Several measurement statistics can be done. With Zoom-functions, it is possible to do manual crosschecks in the map during and/or after the measurement at places under interest in detail.

All measurement files can be manually combined into analysis statistics which can be viewed in tabular or graphical form or exported as Excelfiles. It enables quality controls over time periods, production processes or supplier qualities. Differences in the specific weight, thickness, etc. can also be corrected in the template settings.

Following polymer types are in the database:

PET * PE * PP * PVC * PS * ABS * PA * PC * PBT * SAN * PMMA * POM * PPO * Cellulose * PLA *
pet? * pvc?



Measurement results can be grouped, listed, arranged and printed out on the mini-plotter and/or at the connected PC-printer as an analysis report.



Individual Afterscans can be carried out at any place. Questionable particles can be pointed out by a red-laser dot. This unique feature allows to review the detected contamination in detail.

sIRoPAD Lasermarkierung
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